SIMANCO at CPhI South East Asia 2013

Jakarta, March 28th 2013
Once again, UBM successfully held an international pharmaceutical ingredients event in Jakarta Indonesia, called CPhI South East Asia. The event was held on 20 to 22 March 2013 at Jakarta International Expo. At this international event we hosted two of our principals, Ildong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. from Korea and Transo-Pharm Handels GmbH from Germany.



As one of the prominent companies in Korea, Ildong exhibited at this event to reach out the South East Asia market. The company was established on March 14, 1941 in Korea. And it is well-known as the pioneer in probiotic in Korea and up until now Ildong still holds as the leading probiotic brand in Korea, Biovita. The company also enjoys its reputation as one of the market leaders in multivitamin in Korea, under the brand Aronamin. And by now the company has covered finished dosages formulation (FDF), active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), and also consumer goods. As the vision of the company to be one of the global top 100 pharmaceutical companies, it keeps on innovating. Therefore, at this CPhI SEA 2013, Ildong was introducing as well to the public their dedicated oncology plant, as the first dedicated plant in Korea.
The cooperation between our company and Ildong was begun almost twenty years ago and it grows stronger and better to this day. We regularly import Ildong’s API and at the moment we are also exploring to import the FDF and consumer goods, as well as technology transfer to our customers. With the regulation from the Ministry of Health (no. 1010/MENKES/PER/XI/2008) and the requirement of bioequivalent for several FDF, we strongly recommend our customers to consider technology transfer scheme with reputable FDF manufacturers. By having both API and FDF facilities, we believe Ildong is in a better position to assist our customer. Not only that, but also Ildong has done bioequivalent for some of their FDF. If you are interested to know further how we could assist you further to cooperate with Ildong. Please kindly contact our marketing team.


Transo-Pharm Handels GmbH is our long term partner and principal from Germany. And it is known as one of the reputable trading and distributor companies in the pharmaceutical and veterinary industry. At this event Transo did not exhibit, as the company regularly does at the CPhI Worldwide, but only participating as a visitor. At the moment Transo is entrusted to be the sole agent of various reputable API manufacturers such as Boehringer Ingelheim, CU Chemie Uetikon GmbH, and Synbias Ltd.

Uetikon is recognized as one of the European chemical and pharmaceutical producers. It manufactures a wide range of specialy chemicals, generic APIs, and orphan drugs in their state of the art facilities in Lahr, Germany, which had been inspected by the FDA and complying with the cGMP. Their API includes Azelaic acid, Ketamine, Methimazole, Oxeladin Citrate, Phenylacetic, and Terazosin. On the other hand, Synbias Ltd. is a certified EU-GMP Ukranian fine chemical producer, particularly in the API of oncology, such as Epirubicin, Doxorubicin, Idarubicin, and others.

Thus, with the experience and strong network of more than twenty years in business, Transo is able to source various API from reliable and reputable manufacturers. We had been in the business with Transo for more than fifteen years. And up until now we still regularly purchase several APIs from Transo, such as Vitamin E, Digoxin, Ketamine Hcl, Clobetasol, Bisacodyl, and others. If you would like to know further about Boehringer Ingelheim, Uetikon, and Synbias, please kindly contact our marketing team further. We would be more than happy to assist you further.

Overall, this event went successfully well and we enjoyed ourselves in assisting our principals, Ildong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Transo-Pharm Handels GmbH during this exhibition. At the same time, we were happy to greet and meet our loyal and new customers. It is always nice to meet old and new friends. And it is our joy to serve both our principals and customers.