Motivational Training for SiManCo Team

Jakarta, March 5, 2013

“Yes, we can! Everything is in our mindset whether we could be successful or not. We are great!” All of these statements roamed around the room as the whole SiManCo Team was trained in Braja Mustika Hotel, Bogor on March 2nd, 2013. The training was led by Andreas Hartono from Andreas Hartono Academy with a theme “Be Positive Be Possible to the Max”. We spent a full day to be enlightened and refreshed by the trainer while also having a lot of fun together as a corporate family. The event is part of our annual-gathering program which has been held for the last four years

Motivational Training for SiManCo Team

Some of the encouragements that we learned during the training are as followed:

  • Be smart! Dare to try new things (and not doing the routine). Everything is changing, whether we like it or not. The issue is whether we had prepared of the

  • We are great and we can! You are what you think you are. So everything is in our mindset and how we take the action of our thought.

  • Life is BCD (Birth, CHOICE, and Death). It is our

  • Do we

  • Change our mindset of spending money. Have we prepared and planned ahead of our lives? What motivates us to purchase things, needs or wants? Any successful people have a mindset of investing instead of spending on their wants.

The event was a blast for all of us. Not only we were challenged to change our mindset but also boost