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Product List Food & Beverage

Apple Flv AP34025Coffee Flavouring Powder JKT18-18Strawberry Col Flv ST34236
Apple Flv AP34027Coffee Flavouring Powder F20-041429Strawberry Flavouring Powder (023545)
Acesulfame KCaustic Soda Flake 98% (NaOH)Super Polytartryl
Acesulfame K - 100 MeshCocoa Powder Alicante 10-12%Sucralose (Fine Mesh)
Activated F-16 Carbon 7204Cocoa Flavouring Powder (F18-032401)Sucralose
Blackcurrent Col Flv BC34061Calcium ChlorideSoursop Flv SP34014
Bubble Gum Flv GB34013Carrot Flake 5X5MMSodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP)
Bubble Gum Flv GB34015Dextrose Anhydrous BP/USPSpearmint O.S.Flv PP34019
Banana Flv WA 023820Dextrose AnhydrousShell Calcium Oxide - B
Banana Flv WA 030369Dextrose Anhydrous BPSodium Benzoat
Banana Flv WA F22-053058Diosmin Hesperidine 90% (Citrus Aurantium Extract)Siklamat NF 13
Citric Acid Monohydrate BP2004 8-80 MeshDextrose MonohydrateSkim Milk Powder
Citric Acid Monohydrate 8-40 MeshLafase ClarificationTanin VR Supra P. 1 KG
Citric Acid MonohydrateLafase He Grand CruTanin VR Supra P. 5 KG
Chocolate Flv CH34140LAFAZYMTanin Galalcool
Chocolate Col Flv CH34156Lafazym CLTanfresh
ChitosanLafazym AromTan'cor Grand Cru
CremodanLafazym ExtractTaro Flv TR34001
Coconut Pwd Flv KKP34008Lemon Flv LE34048Trisodium Citrate 30-100 Mesh
Coconut PowderLemon Flavouring Powder F18-027082Tricalcium Phosphate
Coconut Sugar MNR 60 Mesh (Natural Grade)Lychee Pwd Flv LYP34005Transglutaminase TG-SA
Coconut Sugar MNR 18 MeshLychee Flavouring Powder F19-036974Tropical Fruit Flavouring Powder F18-027610
Virgin Coconut OilL-TheanineVanilla Flv VN34026
Coconut OilLightoxsWhite Kaolin Clay
Caramel Col Flv CAR34029Monocalcium PhosphateZymaflore VL1
Caramel Flavouring Powder F18-032679Malic AcidZymaflore X16
Citric Acid Anhydrous 30 - 100 MeshMaltodextrin DE 18-20Zynaflore RX60
Tri Sodium CitrateMelon Flavouring Powder F18-030099Zymaflore F15 (P.10 Kg)
Tri Calcium PhospateSodium Acid Pyrophosphate (SAPP)Zymaflore F15 (P.500Gr)
Xanthan GumStrawberry Flv ST34195Zymaflore X5
Strawberry Pwd Flv STP34021

Note : Should you need any other product not mentioned in the list or if you have any further inquiry, please contact us.